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Fall Fashion-Do #1: Lace-up Boots


While I’m still lingering over the last remaining days of summer, cool fall trends (and the thought of pumpkin-based baked goods) are definitely helping to make the transition easier. The first fall fashion-do I’m loving are lace up boots. My top pick are these simple booties by indigo. Yes, they’re basic enough to go with pretty much anything and oh, what a lovely shape they are, but the BEST part of these boots is that even with their 3″ heels, they’re still really comfortable. (And if they feel this good on my super wide feet, you know they really must be!)

I can’t wait to wear them with bold-colored tights and skirts when it gets nippy out, but for now, I couldn’t resist wearing them on my birthday–even though it was nearly 90 degrees that day! (Let’s not talk about the crazy foot sweating that caused.) Instead, let’s talk about how happy I am to finally own a pair of booties for the simple fact that booties is such a fun word to say.

Booties. Booties, booties, booties. See?

Last modified: January 10, 2019