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Fall Fashion-Do #2: Nautical Stripes


Although being on a rocking boat can tend to make me feel queasy, the nautical stripes I’ve been eyeing for fall do anything but. These stripes have such classic allure that it may be the shirt I live in from October to the end of the year. Doesn’t it look amazing styled with a skirt and heels?

(left photo, right photo)

p.s. While blogging, my cousin Denise and I switched laptops for a bit so that I could proofread her cover letter. I was pleased to see she took the liberty of finishing up my post, and I had to share what she had written with you all because it made me laugh out loud.

Denise’s take on nautical stripes:
These stripes have such classic allure that this may be the shirt I live in for the rest of my house boat life. Think romantic comedy like “Sleepless in Seattle,” Tom Hanks making dinner for his son who will eventually hunt down a very cute Meg Ryan to be his future mom. Now that was a good romantic comedy movie. Did I mention they registered at Tiffany’s? Also, wouldn’t this shirt look great while waiting in line to get an extra bran muffin at a cruise buffet? I digress. Back to the zebra shirt.

Last modified: January 10, 2019