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Fall Fashion-Do #3: Pleated Trousers


One of my favorite people to chat with in the office is a gregarious French man with a wonderfully thick accent. It always gets me thinking about all the different kinds of cheese I’d spread on my baguettes if I lived in Paris. Aside from this, he also happens to exude a certain level of sophistication that is hard to come by these days. Once, I was standing in the kitchen inhaling handfuls of neon-colored Cheetos when I noticed him sitting behind me daintily eating a Lean Cuisine with a knife and a fork. I never knew anyone could make eating frozen dinners look so elegant.

In trying to channel some of his elegance, I’m drawn to the slouchy, pleated trousers of fall. After all, there is nothing that a carefully pleated pair of pants can’t lend refinement to. Plus, they are so much more fun than plain black trousers and, with their forgiving roominess, just think of all the extra cheese and baguettes we could eat!

(left, center, right)

Last modified: January 10, 2019