Friday, October 22, 2010

J. Crew Inspired Layers + Easy DIY Shorts

When I think about fall fashion, I think about layers. Lots and lots of layers. Then I think about J. Crew because if there's anyone who knows layers, it would be them. I never cease to be impressed at how their stylists have perfected the layered look and find myself constantly coveting their adorable outfits. So, last weekend, I styled my own J. Crew-inspired look with a few of my favorite pieces and a pair of DIY cut-off shorts.

To make the shorts, I went into my closet and found a pair of jeans too flare-y for my current tastes. They were my very first pair of designer jeans ever (they're by 7 For All Mankind and I yearned for them most of my entire freshmen year of college until I finally gave in, saved all my milk money and bought a pair) so it was hard to think about altering them, but I never wear them anymore anyway, so they were the perfect candidate for cut-off shorts. I always seem to make things shorter than I intend them to be, so I added on a few extra inches when deciding on the length. I used a ruler to make sure both sides would be even and began snipping away.

Peeling back the layers: Gibson blazer, Kersh cardigan, Old Navy tie blouse

Say yes to socks and shorts!

And then have a warm cup of coffee and enjoy your weekend!


Rachel said...

You are so brave! I NEVER cut my jeans into shorts!!! (And I buy the cheap ones!)

Breenuh said...

I love the colors. And even though the shoes are not a big point of your post, they are my fave!

raven said...

So cute. Love the casual/upscale contrast pieces you chose + the yellow looks absolutely brilliant on you!


Danielle said...

I am just adoring your outfit! Looks like something i would try to pull off and then fail. Very cute!

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