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Crisp & Tailored


I can clearly remember the two times in my life when I’ve had a garment tailored just for me. When I was 7 I was one of the flower girls in my aunt’s wedding, and each of us had a cute mini white dress made. And then in elementary school, when we were studying the California Gold Rush and had to dress to match the period every Wednesday, my mom had a seamstress make me a bonnet, apron, and long gray skirt. The lack of more custom-made clothes in my life reminds me of what a luxury it is. When I learned that a tailor in Cambodia can whip up a beautiful pair of pants or a dress for under $20, I was amazed. This white button-up shirt is one of the items I had made while on my trip. The entire shirt cost just $9 to have made (that includes the $2 price of the material). I didn’t have nearly enough things made, but that just makes me appreciate the fit of the few things I did get that fold, flow and hug just right.

Last modified: January 10, 2019