Friday, March 11, 2011

The Short List: Slouchy Trousers for Spring

Spring is almost here, and I am so excited. I love bundling up and getting cozy, but this winter feels like it's gone on forever. I can't wait to leave my jacket behind, and I'm still not over the slouchy trouser pants I wrote about in the fall. With some high-heeled sandals, these pants look like they're going to be my springtime staple. Here's a roundup of my favorite ones:

Likes: Forever 21 Career Day Trousers, $24.80 - for less than $25, these slouchy (yet slim!) pants won't break the bank and will perk up an all-black-trouser work week.

Wants: Urban Outfitters Furies Obi Pant, $120 - finished with a wide waistband and a tiny button at the cuff of each leg, I'm sold.

Desires: Phillip Lim draped tapered trousers, $375 - last year I was at Tartine eating a croissant, half a loaf of fresh hot bread, and a banana cream tart, and the only thing that could have possibly distracted me in that moment was the sight of a girl wearing these pants. They looked seriously amazing.

1 comment:

Shaista said...

These do look wonderful. We don't have a forever 21 store or even urban outfitters in Cambridge worse luck :( so have to enjoy vicariously through you :)
Also, way too cold!!!

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