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Pretty as a Picnic


Lately, hardly an afternoon goes by where I can resist stepping outside for a moment to feel the warm air on my skin. The weather is starting to become dreamy and hopeful and reminds me of being a school kid counting down to summer break. While school and extended summer vacations are long gone, I can’t wait to have lunch-hour picnics with work friends as a simple reminder of the joys of drinking cold beverages out of thermoses (growing up, mine was of the My Little Pony variety), eating outside, and sharing sandwiches. Here’s what I’d like to wear: classic stripes and denim shorts with playful touches of peachy pink and orange.

(Everyday cotton gingham napkins $10.50, Bambu sporks $10.08, Fletcher by Lyell canvas scallop sandal $39, Queen’s Wardrobe striped tee $27, joot bag $20, Anthropologie high gloss belt $28, apple jacket $20, Madewell denim drifter shorts $69.50)

Last modified: January 10, 2019