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Rhinestones & Pastries


H&M top, vintage rhinestone necklace, Urban Outfitters skirt, Clarke’s booties
We’ve been having a bit of unseasonable June gloom lately with some more cloud coverage forecasted for this weekend. I think this is why I’m surprised every time I see kids dressed in their gowns for graduation — it doesn’t quite feel like summer is upon us yet. It kinda just makes me want to put on cozy layers, drink hot coffee and eat buttery pastries. My latest favorite place to do just that is Flower Flour in Willow Glen. Part florist and part patisserie, it’s equal parts adorable and delicious. (I’m a big fan of their glorious morning buns and poppy seed croissants.) It’s also conveniently located around the corner from It’s A Girl Thing, a really great shop that specializes in vintage jewelry and accessories. I’m fast falling for rhinestone jewelry and picked up this rhinestone necklace to add some sparkle to everyday outfits.

Last modified: January 10, 2019