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Back-to-School Shopping List + New Job!


I have some exciting news to share… Remember a few weeks ago when Alan and I went out for a celebration dinner? Well, it was to celebrate my new job–I’m going into the couponing business! I’ll be joining Coupons.com’s marketing team starting Monday, and after three years of working in IT, I’m so excited for an industry change. Coupons.com’s clients are largely consumer packaged goods companies, so it will be fun working with brands I interact with every day.
I’m also excited because the timing of my new job makes it feel like I’m waiting for the first day of school. I’ve missed the feeling of looking forward to something entirely new each fall and everything that comes with it, like picking out my outfit for the first day. I recently got an Anthropologie gift card and have been totally eyeing some “back-to-school” pieces. A few of my favorites so far are this classic blazer, this Mad-Men-inspired blouse, and these sweet flats. I can’t wait for my first day!

Last modified: January 10, 2019