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Birthday Attire


I’m going to spend my birthday weekend in Shaver Lake at a friend’s cabin (which has been described to be a mansion of sorts — I can hardly wait!) There are 20 people going, so it’s going to be one big party. I can’t wait to sleep in, take a dip in the lake, and eat birthday cake. Here’s a ruffly bandeau bikini for the lake and a flowy cloud dress to blow out birthday candles in (both on sale 🙂 And one really gorgeous cake to remind us why birthdays should always be a good thing. Have a fabulous and leisurely 3-day weekend!

p.s. The best fashion advice I’ve ever gotten: A few years ago, I remember wanting a bandeau bikini I saw in a store but, being a smaller-chested gal, feeling nervous that I couldn’t pull it off. I told my roommate Karin about it (we were getting ready for a trip to Jamaica), and she said, “Who cares? Models do it all the time, and no one thinks twice about it. If you really like it, you should wear it.”

Last modified: January 10, 2019