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Floppy Hats


New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 is officially upon us, and even though I’m all the way over on the opposite coast, I’m having so much fun keeping up with it all via Twitter (Dani Stahl is a recent fun one I follow). Can you imagine how exciting it must be going to all those shows? I would absolutely love to get invited one day (note to self: add that to list of things to do), but I know I’d be so nervous. As much as I love fashion and style, I kinda put fashion editors and fashion-makers on the same level as celebrities, so being in a room full of them would be intimidating. But who knows? Maybe they are the most down-to-earth bunch who tell the best jokes. I’ll be sure to let everyone know just as soon as I get that invite… Well, now that that’s decided, what to wear? I love these crazy floppy hats that somehow end up looking super chic. (I’m not sure if I could pull one off, but hey! This is future me we’re talking about–we’ll let her worry about that!) This one looks pretty perfect for fall, sitting front row at fashion week or not.

(From top to bottom, images via The Sartorialist, The Glitter Guide, The Glitter Guide by Kristy Ahumada)

Last modified: January 10, 2019