Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kiss Me Coral Lipstick

Where was I when Poppy King's perfect reddish-orange lipstick for J. Crew was released? I don't know, but I totally missed it. Supposedly it sold out almost instantly, and it's nowhere to be found online. Bummed, I asked my sister for help in finding a similar coral shade, and being the makeup whiz she is, she pointed me to Kiss Me Coral by Revlon. It's such a flattering shade and is fun and bright without being too scary. Whenever I wear it, I get lots of surprised reactions from people. It's kind of a mix between how people would react upon seeing a chubby baby and a really pretty statement necklace. I highly recommend it :)  

p.s. taking pictures of one's self is hard!

(bottom photo via Chichi Couture)

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