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New Year’s Resolutions


{Anthropologie top, skirt, and bag, Urban Outfitters tights and shoes, Lulu Frost necklace}
{the lettuce-y flower on my coffee table that’s lasted over a week!} 

Did you do anything fun for New Year’s? Alan and I ordered in pizza and had a Battlestar Galactica marathon. Since we didn’t get dressed up, I thought it’d be fun to dress up the next day and take some pictures. I’ve also been thinking about my new year’s resolutions, and since I don’t believe in making a ton of lofty ones I’ll be bound to break, I’ve narrowed it down to just two:

1) Do a pull up. Just because I’ve never been able to! We just got a special bar that fits in our charmingly vintage (but absurdly difficult to find a pull up bar for) doorways, so now I have no excuses.

2) End each day with a clean coffee table. This one is in line with my deep desire to live a more simple, less-cluttered life, and is one concrete thing I can do to help get me there. It’s kind of like the power making the bed has in turning a messy room into a tidier one.

And that’s it! Did you make any resolutions? Maybe we can help hold each other accountable. 😉

Last modified: January 10, 2019