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DIY ribbon-accented necklaces


 {side view}
 {front view}
I picked up this vintage rhinestone necklace months ago but rarely ever wear it because its short length makes it look much more formal than I’d like it to. Inspired by an idea I spotted in a Martha Stewart magazine, I decided to make it longer by using ribbon as extensions. It was the easiest jewelry project ever — just tie two pieces of ribbon to each end of your necklace and tie a bow in the back. Short crystal, beaded, or chunky chain necklaces would be great candidates for this. I used this bright persimmon-colored ribbon, but any ribbon would work, and you could even swap out ribbon to coordinate with different outfits. I wanted mine to add a pop of color to even the most basic outfits like my weekend white tee and jeans. When I wore this into the office, a few people came up to me and commented on the fun color accent. Amazing what a little bit of ribbon can do!    

Last modified: January 10, 2019