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Happy hands


{fresh Essie manicure}
I read somewhere that the owner of one of my favorite restaurants has just three fingers on his left hand. The few times I’ve seen him I’ve never noticed because the food is so amazing that when I’m there I’m happily lost in my perfectly cooked sea bass or dreamy foie gras. It did make me see my own hands in a new light, though, and since I’m getting older and noticing new wrinkles where there weren’t wrinkles before, I’m trying to take better care of them. Whenever I can remember, I put sunscreen on them if I’m going outdoors for an extended time (a great tip my friend Stacy shared with me—it’s all about prevention!). Here are a few other things at the top of my hand-pampering list at the moment.  
{vintage Erica Weiner rhinestone bauble—I love that it reminds me of the rings you get for 25 cents next to the gum ball machines at the grocery store}
 {favorite hand creams by Kiehl’s and L’Occitane}

Last modified: January 10, 2019