Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sequined Stripes

black and gold sequined stripes
black and gold sequin outfit
sequins and burgundy lips
I've had my eye out for a sequin shirt for a while, and this one--with gold sequins and stripes--was pretty much perfect. How can you not have a great day when you're wearing as many sequins as a Golden Girl? And, for all its festiveness, the classic t-shirt cut makes it easy to wear with a pair of jeans.

{I'm wearing a MM Couture sequin top, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Deena & Ozzy wedges, and
YSL Forbidden Burgundy lipstick.}


Rachel said...

Burgundy lipstick didn't sound too hot when you first mentioned it but, it looks great on you! Way to go!

Michelle said...

Super cute!

Trude said...

Love that top! The darker lippie definitely works well on you. :) Looks like a lovely location, where were these taken?

Elissa said...

love the look! Have you done a post on your favorite places to shop in the Bay Area? I'd love to know.


Sobrina Tung said...

haha, Trude, I love that -- "lippie." And thanks! These were taken at the hayes mansion in san jose. (http://www.hayesmansion.com/?utm_nooverride=1&gclid=CJmjsquLrrICFal7QgodKWwAmw)

Elissa, I haven't! I'll add that to my list although I'm a sucker for the convenience of shopping in your jammies online.

jennifer blair said...

Oh gosh, you are so cute! That top looks so adorable on you!

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