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Floral-Print Wedding Dress


floral print wedding dress
black glitter and emerald heels

My friend Kim recently got married and walked down the aisle in this stunning floral-print dress. Her mom actually made it for her which I found incredibly sweet. Here’s her story behind her gorgeous, non-traditional wedding dress, and more pictures of her big day below!

Did you always know your mom would make your dress?
I was dreading the whole dress-buying aspect of wedding planning because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted. I had a few ideas (ivory? something with lace? vintage-inspired?), but when it came to visiting boutiques, I was overwhelmed and not excited to try anything on—nothing really called out to me. I decided to have my mom make my dress since that would give me the freedom to create a dress I really loved.

What was the inspiration behind it? 
I wanted something light and simple that I could move and dance in and that would go along with our outdoor wedding theme.

Why did you decide to go with a floral print over traditional white? 
When I visited Britex Fabrics in San Francisco, I came in looking for something ivory and possibly lacy. I searched every inch of that store, top to bottom, but I found nothing compelling. Except for the fabric that I ultimately chose for my wedding dress. I found it early in my Britex scavenger hunt, thought it was really lovely, and continued searching but kept coming back to it. During my 2+ hours in Britex, I must have come back to the fabric 7-8 times. I absolutely loved it. I thought about what I could use it for, the non-wedding dress I could make out of it. And then I thought, hey, this would go so well with our wedding in the woods, and the greens in the fabric would complement the bridesmaids’ dresses so well.

How did you feel in your dress on your big day? 
Amazing! It fit me perfectly, was easy to move in, and I loved the way the fabric flowed. I received a lot of compliments on the dress, so that was nice. 🙂 I love that dress so much. It was so special because my mom made it for me, and I just felt amazing and lucky to be wearing it.

Thanks, Kim!

Doesn’t she look beautiful? I love her green crown, and check out the wedding invitation (below) she designed herself. Such a crafty one.

green wedding crown

felton guild wedding

(All photos by Kate Miss)

Last modified: January 10, 2019