Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do or Don't: Wearing Glasses

black cat-eye glasses
dior cat-eye glasses
cat-eye frames
cat-eye glasses
Do you wear glasses? I love it when Alan wears his, and lately I've seen so many girls with the cutest frames. I just got a new pair that I'm still getting used to, but so far they've been a lot of fun:

*They make me feel like I'm wearing a disguise.
*I can look over the top of them and say smart-sounding things when I'm trying to impress people.
*They remind me of the cat-eye glasses I wore circa 2001.

People who wear contacts/glasses always seem to wish they could just get laser eye surgery, but yesterday, two people who don't wear glasses told me they wish they had a prescription so they could wear some stylish specs. What do you think? Do you fall into either category?

p.s. My glasses are by Dior.


Rachel said...

Your glasses are so cute! I don't like mine so I just stick to contacts.

Briel said...

Very timely post! I wore glasses from when I was very young until I had Lasik eye surgery in 2004, just after I graduated from college. Haven't needed glasses since! It seems like a lot of bloggers these days are sporting stylish glasses and it has kind of made me want some too. Since I spend all day at work on the computer my eyes get tired a lot so I did recently get a prescription for glasses to wear when that happens. I just ordered some from Warby Parker to try on and see which one I like. I just hope it's not all downhill from here and I'll have to start wearing them all the time! haha

Love your glasses btw. They look great on you!

Sobrina Tung said...

Briel, I'm terrified of lasik! but i secretly kind of want to get it too. (alan calls it "getting your eyes lasered" which makes me laugh every time). ooh warby parker glasses are so cute! i bet they look great on you.

thanks, rachel!! I'm back to my contacts today :)

Sashee said...

Great glasses! They are a perfect fit for you!

Briel said...

I definitely understand why Lasik is scary for some people. Though you can't feel anything you CAN see it when they cut a flap on your eye that they fold back to use the laser. It's crazy but I found it kind of neat! haha

Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't have too. I guess if I didn't have a -10 prescription probably wouldn't mind so much. Even with all the fancy thinning and anti reflecting they still make my eyes look smaller with distorted rings on the sides and still a tad thick for my liking. Thank God for contacts.

Uhh and the comments when I do wear them for my once a year annual eye infection.

"Wow, you're blind." Or "Wow, they are really thick. Ever think about lasik?" Get's old and monotonous quick.

Ruth Belmont said...

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John Forrester said...

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