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Do or Don’t: Wearing Glasses


black cat-eye glasses
dior cat-eye glasses
cat-eye frames
cat-eye glasses

Do you wear glasses? I love it when Alan wears his, and lately I’ve seen so many girls with the cutest frames. I just got a new pair that I’m still getting used to, but so far they’ve been a lot of fun:

*They make me feel like I’m wearing a disguise.
*I can look over the top of them and say smart-sounding things when I’m trying to impress people.
*They remind me of the cat-eye glasses I wore circa 2001.

People who wear contacts/glasses always seem to wish they could just get laser eye surgery, but yesterday, two people who don’t wear glasses told me they wish they had a prescription so they could wear some stylish specs. What do you think? Do you fall into either category?

p.s. My glasses are by Dior.

Last modified: January 10, 2019