Monday, January 14, 2013

Mixing Patterns: Hearts + Leopard

t-shirt and pencil skirt combo
leopard print sweater
mixing patterns with leopard print
When I first got this sweater, Alan kind of gave me a look. I knew what he was thinking because I was secretly thinking it, too. Did I really just get a leopard-print sweater? But, I got it anyway, because I knew it would be really cute mixed with another print. This weekend, I paired it with all-over-hearts for a quirky complement.

I think a touch of leopard makes any outfit really fun. What do you think? Do you wear it?

{I'm wearing a Wildfox t-shirt, Pim + Larkin Addison pencil skirt, leopard-print cardigan from Therapy and an Urban Outfitters belt.}


Rachel said...

This is the perfect outfit for a date on Valentines!

katie said...

I absolutely LOVE that outfit!! I never can think of which prints go well together! But this outfit has inspired me to try to be a little more creative ;) SO cute!

Elissa said...

Gorgeous! My favorite leopard item is shoes! Flats or heels, I think it always adds a fun touch to otherwise basic outfits.

Sobrina Tung said...

thank you for your sweet comments :)

Vivien said...

Super cute! I can hear you purr...haha, jk. I wouldn't have thought of the combo, which is why I read your blog.

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