Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Beauty of Rain Boots

hunter green wellies
It's probably a good thing I live in California because I've never been a big fan of the rain. One of the biggest reasons why is I hate getting my shoes wet and having to walk around all day in squishy socks with cold feet. But then I got a pair of wellies for my birthday and am slowly starting to change my mind. Once we went to the grocery store during a crazy storm, and even after walking through ankle-deep lakes in the parking lot, my feet stayed bone dry! (Poor Alan—his pants got soaked up to his knees). So, when a friend told me she was thinking about getting a pair for an upcoming trip, all I could say was, "Yes, do it!" They're so practical and cute! 

Do you own rain boots? What other life-changing items are in your closet? 

the beauty of rain boots


Denise said...

Just got some grey ones for Christmas! So excited to try them out!

Claire Star said...

A resounding yes from Seattle! You'd be crazy not to own some here, or at least a really nice rain jacket. But people very rarely use umbrellas, they're kind of touristy, in my opinion. Then again, my mom did give me one over the holidays, which I use only when it's seriously pouring - I guess I'm breaking my rule!

ami said...

I'm actually working on a post about this exact thing! I ordered two different pairs-- one Hunter and the other Chooka and neither worked for me :( I'm short (5'1") so the Hunter pair was too tall, and the Chookas were too wide/flabby around my calves. Must keep looking!

Sobrina Tung said...

Ami, have you seen the shorter version by Hunter? They also look really cute!

Claire, that's so interesting about umbrellas. When I think about the times I've visited, though, you're right, I can't remember seeing anyone using one! Hoods seemed a lot more popular.

Denise, grey sounds really chic :)

Cool Tights Red Hot Wellingtons said...

I wouldn't be without my Wellingtons and I wear them a lot and not only when it rains, my boyfriend likes me to wear them when we meet, he says they are sexy.

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