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Can’t-Live-Without-It Foundation


I don’t wear very much makeup, but one thing people often ask me about is my foundation. I use Laura Mercier Mineral Powder which is super easy to apply and provides natural-looking coverage. It wears really well all day, so even when you start getting a little shiny or sweaty (story of my life), your skin still looks pretty. Here’s how I use it in my morning routine:

1. First, I prep my skin by washing gently with water and applying moisturizer and a prescription acne gel.
2. Next, I sprinkle some powder into the cap.
3. Using a big fluffy face brush, I “buff” the powder in circles in the cap to break it down and get it to adhere evenly to the brush.
4. Then I apply the powder to my face using circular motions, concentrating on areas where I need more coverage (like around my nose and chin).
5. To finish, I apply a little bronzer on the apples of my cheeks, and that’s it!

I’ve converted three aunts and potentially the receptionist at my optometrist’s office to this make up. If you’re looking for a new no-hassle foundation, I’d highly recommend it.

Last modified: January 10, 2019