Monday, March 18, 2013

Zella Leggings for Working Out and Feeling Pretty

zella capris like lululemon wunder unders
Lately, I've been trying to focus more on taking better care of myself. As much as I can, I'm trying to say no to fried foods, moving more and worrying less. To motivate myself, I decided to get a new pair of workout pants since my one pair of Lululemon Wunder Unders were taking a severe beating. I'm very particular about workout pants—I prefer mid-calf compression capris in a thick, non-sheer material with a cotton-feel, not to be specific or anything haha—so with my list of criteria, I set out in search of a new pair in a bright, fun color.

I bought a pair of Zella Live-In leggings which have become my new obsession. Here's why:

  • Reasonable price tag (especially compared to Lululemon's Wunder Unders)
  • Thick, non-sheer, non-shiny material perfect for yoga
  • Similar design to Wunder Unders with a hidden waistband pocket and triangle gusset (Zella poached a Lululemon product manager to design the line!)
  • Fun colors
  • Wide, mid-rise waistband=no muffin tops
  • Stays in place 
  • Makes your tush look cute :)

What motivates you to love your body? Do you have any workout pants you swear by? Hope you are working out and feeling pretty today :)


Sophie Tung said...

You look so darling in those! I have a list of criteria when shopping for workout bottoms too, how funny! Cute and colorful workout apparel definitely helps me feel pretty while burning off calories :)

Sashee said...

Cute leggings and great stopping by. I feel when I visit your blog, I'm also visiting you. Hope you are well, Sobrina :)

Briel said...

Those are very cute. I also love your shoes and the bright laces. :) I have been very bad and haven't worked out in ages. I prefer black work out clothes that don't show sweat too much but I do love how the colorful ones look!

ami said...

lol I was just going to say, not specific at all!

I'm also really particular. I prefer non-spandex shorts, even in the winter in 30 degree weather. I just can't handle the feeling of having any material stuck to me as I sweat. I actually even have a pair of shorts that I've been running in since like high school. I have no idea how the elastic has held up for so long. I do have some headbands that do dual duty of pulling my hair back and being accessories, though, so those make me feel happy :)

Sobrina Tung said...

ami, i have a pair of shorts that I've worn for forever too! They are completely falling apart and even the unfortunate brown stain on the bum (which I swear is from rust or something haha) don't stop me from wearing them.

katie said...

I love the colorful capris! I'd definitely feel better working out in those than in my plain old black pants and high school sports tees. Maybe someday! And I like how they yours match your shoes so well. I have a pair of asics and I LOVE them! They're gray with bright purple and lime green.

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