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How Do You Feel About Your Boobs?


bright sports bras
bright hiking clothes
In high school and college, I fretted over having small boobs. Big boobs, I was convinced, looked better in clothes and made women more womanly. But! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized small boobs have their own perks. For one, this is comfortable. I never thought twice about it until a well-endowed friend pointed out how uncomfortable it is for her. And two, you can wear all the cute, minimal-support sports bras out there! I’m currently loving Unit-Y’s bright, fun bras (the one I’m wearing is on sale! And this one is cute too). I wore mine out for a hike this weekend which put a little extra pep in my step 🙂
Did you ever go through a period of worrying about your boobs (regardless of size)? Hopefully, that time’s long gone. Looking back, I can’t believe I spent so much time worrying about it! 

p.s. the tank version of my sports bra for a little extra cover

Last modified: January 10, 2019