Thursday, May 30, 2013

Work-Week Wear: Silk + Sweats

Silk and sweats
Yesterday I wore a thin sweatshirt tucked into my silk trousers and felt ridiculously lavish all day.   Wearing sweats to work feels like cheating, but it also feels like a lovely lazy afternoon—I couldn't resist.

thick glasses
I also started wearing my glasses more because my eyes feel like sandpaper lately. I'm happy to report that I went an entire work day without anyone commenting on their coke-bottleness! (I get it so much I should have a shirt made—"Yes, they are really that thick.")

gold bracelets
And I loved feeling the jingle-jangle of my new gold link bracelet (on sale!) throughout the day.


katie said...

so pretty! and i love the bracelets.

Briel said...

Very cute outfit!

jennifer said...

Love the outfit! Especially the trousers. Is that available online? :)

Sobrina Tung said...

Thanks, guys!

Jennifer, unfortunately I got them from anthropologie a few years ago :(

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