Thursday, November 14, 2013

Short-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

short sleeve wedding dresses
Now that Alan and I've been engaged for a few months, people are starting to ask if we've started planning yet. And so far, I've decided upon the following very important details:

*I'd like to get married not during winter.
*There will be no mason jars and no barns.
*There will, however, be Carlos Santana. (Cambodians + Santana + weddings—it's a real thing. I don't know why, but I like it.)
*I'm leaning towards wearing a short-sleeved dress. They're so pretty!

wedding dresses with delicate sleeves
I especially love wispy, barely-there short sleeves

short sleeve lace wedding dress
But I waver between intricate and simple sleeves

simple short wedding dress
swedish wedding dress
You can't go wrong with simple sleeves (I've been in love with this dress for years now)...

intricate short sleeves
But then again, intricate sleeves can be so fun.

What's your favorite wedding dress style? Are you a fan of sleeves, short or long?

(Top photo via Going Lovely)

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