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Madewell Slouchy Pants


madewell slouchy pants

My Madewell slouchy pants finally arrived—they’ve been backordered since September! I shared a few ways to wear them a couple months ago (below) and thought it’d be fun to do an update on how I styled them in real life. For all the girls out there who don’t like wearing real pants as much as I do, they’re even more comfortable than I imagined!

p.s. A friend and I were just lamenting about the fancy shirts in our closet and how we never wear them because we’re afraid to ruin them. This nude Equipment blouse is mine! I was about to head out the door wearing it, but then I remembered I had a meeting later that day where I’d probably be talking a lot (and getting sweaty), and we’d be having Thai food for lunch (which I’d probably spill down the front). So I went with the outfit on the left. Oh, the curse of the fancy shirts!

how to wear slouchy pants

Last modified: January 10, 2019