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Wedding Dress Shopping


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I’ve never really pictured myself wedding dress shopping. In fact, for the longest time, I thought I’d wear this white dress I had made in Cambodia. But when I decided I wanted to wear something a bit more formal, I thought it’d be fun to go and try some on. The morning of the appointment, my bridesmaids surprised me with a champagne and donut breakfast (so sweet)!

I tried on a bunch of dresses (11 in total) in very different styles. And while I didn’t find the dress, it was a fun experience and helped me figure out what I did and didn’t like. Here are six of the ones I tried on (and the names I’ve just now bestowed upon them).

mermaid wedding dress
Dress #1: The mermaid dress

This dress made me realize I have a waist! And solidified my decision to wear a corset every day, haha. Everyone in the dressing room loved it, but it felt a little too sexy for me.

wedding dress shopping scorecardsWhen I walked out in the first dress, my bridesmaids flashed the scorecards they’d brought to rate each dress. It made me laugh out loud.  

accordion fan skirt
Dress #2: The pinata dress
This dress was out of my budget, but I loved the contrast of the whimsical skirt against the simple, sleek top. I just had to try it on and twirled around the dressing room a few times. Sophie deemed it the pinata dress. It was not a crowd favorite.

Dress #3: The Titanic dress

All the bridesmaids (even the ones who came with the bride in the dressing room next to me, ha!) said this was their favorite. It was really pretty, and the low back felt so chic, but with the sequins and beads, it felt too sparkly for me. Sorry for letting go, Jack.

Dress #4: The Greek goddess dress

The back of this dress was my favorite part, but I wasn’t sold on the rest of it. It definitely didn’t make me feel like I “never wanted to take it off” which is how the bridesmaids next to me insisted I would feel when I found the right dress.

 Dress #5: The beachy dress

This dress made me realize that all the dresses I’d been trying on were big with lengthy trains, and I just don’t think I’m a train kinda gal. It also made me want to run along the beach in the surf in slow motion to empowering music among wild horses.

carrie wedding dress
Dress #6: The Carrie dress
I just couldn’t resist trying on this huge dress covered in swirly flower puffs. I also twirled around in it a few times, but I couldn’t decide if I really liked it or if I really just liked having a Carrie moment.

So, what do you think? Are there any components you liked? I’m so confused about what I want! Someone told me that when you find the right dress, you’ll know right away. If you’re married, was that true for you?

Last modified: January 10, 2019