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A Wedding Lesson: Part One


You’ve heard it before that people can be separated into two distinct groups by one thing or the other. The same is true of women and weddings.

It can be said that there are 2 kinds of women in the world — those who dream of the big, white dress and walking down the aisle (specifically an aisle comprised completely of passion pink and ivory rose petals imprinted with her monogram in goldleaf) and those who don’t. Or perhaps the latter category of women are actually all in the former category and just don’t know it yet. Perhaps they are one and the same as The Knot subscribers they scoff at, but maybe this feature of themselves lies dormant until their own wedding is upon them.

I think (or more accurately, I fear) that it is more likely that secretly all women want to have the wedding with the moment. The moment where the organist or pianist (or perhaps harpist if we allow ourselves to get trendy) stops the music and everyone perks up in the hush of the room and the bride walks in like a vision with dewy skin, hair curled to perfection, white teeth and a captivating designer gown. I never thought I was the girl to dream. I never knew wedding dresses came in varying shades of white or that multiple parties were thrown before the actual wedding date. I had heard of registries but never before utilized one in my gift selection process. I never knew all this, so I thought I was not this girl.

But maybe I am that girl… I find myself a changed woman from the bridesmaid I was 7 months ago. Back then, the idea of going shopping for a dress in a pastel color with some variation of a great big bow attached to it was less than thrilling. Now I find myself calling specific steps in the invitation making process. (I’ll admit it, that was me in the invitation making party that said “I call the sprinkling of the beads!”)


Speaking of invitations, they were my first exposure to the real meaning of extravagant. If you are anything like me, someone who thought they knew what extravagant meant, then you are in for a real eye-opener, as far as this wedding goes. Which happens to be my first wedding experience, if you don’t count the time when I was 7 and a flower girl in my aunt’s wedding which I faintly remember, much too faintly to be taken seriously.

Heavy stock envelopes and decorative stamps are a thing of the past. Sending invitations in boxes is quite “en vogue” and demonstrates to your guests that you are hip and of the wedding moment.
A 7-fold technique was employed to achieve this look.

This picture showcases the gentle smattering of crystal beads.

Yes, that is really a photo stamp you see on the return envelope for the RSVP card.
It is almost too cute. I’m not sending mine in so I can treasure it forever. And also because I keep forgetting to. I hope Denise will let it slide seeing as how I’m in the wedding and all and she should already know I’m coming.

Denise’s dress at Bridal Shower #1 and my wrapping paper would become, unbeknownst to her, the inspiration for the invitations for Bridal Shower #2.

This is the invitation we created for Denise’s 2nd Bridal Shower.
The theme was frenchy, hence the authentic French phrase at the top.

The glittering gold eiffel tower is embossed — something new I learned in the arts & crafts department. If you’ve never embossed before, do your craft a favor and learn how, you’ll thank me later.

If you’re lucky, perhaps someone will make you a life-size replica of your future spouse. Life-size replicas are perfect for bringing to company Christmas parties when your spouse has to work late or also just to sit next to you at your bridal shower.

You can also expect to experience glee (this is the word I would use to describe the look on Denise’s face) at your bridal shower. Apart from being appreciative that someone is throwing you a party, you can also be appreciative of how easy Macy’s made it for your guests to find and use the registry.

People can hardly resist life-size replicas. They are arguably even better than the real person the replica seeks to, well, replicate. For example, if this were the actual Justin sitting here, I doubt all 5 of us would have asked to take a picture with him.

Last modified: January 10, 2019