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The Stuff Great BBQs are Made Of


Alan and I went to a near perfect BBQ in South San Francisco this weekend. The grill was fired up for the entire 5 hours we were there which was very impressive to say the least. The glutton in me definitely enjoyed it!
I’m not much of a BBQ-thrower and am more a BBQ-goer, but if you’re throwing one soon, here was what I thought made this weekend’s ‘cue so great:
1) The menu included: garlic butter shrimp, whiskey sliders, a vegetable pasta, veggie sushi rolls, Korean short ribs, roasted asparagus and mushrooms and a berry pie! At one point I wondered if it was possible for someone to die from overeating, but since I couldn’t remember ever hearing about this ever happening, I made extra space on my plate to try the chocolate cream pie.
2) Our friend’s adorable bulldog, Pig, was there. He’s exactly the kind of dog Alan wants and was so squishy and sweet.
3) The drinks were served in a boat!
It would have been a completely perfect BBQ if only it weren’t overcast, grey and freezing!

Last modified: January 10, 2019