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How To Make A Pizza For Any Occasion


When you like pizza and eat it as much as I do, it makes sense to try and save yourself some money by learning how to make your own instead of always relying on BJ’s, Cicero’s or your other favorite pizzerias. A tried and true crowd pleaser, pizza is great to bring with you to a party or even just to whip up for a quick and delicious meal. And with the convenience of today’s full-service fabric stores and thanks to the powerful tackiness of hot glue, creating your own pizza masterpiece is easier than ever before — just follow the easy steps below!

1) Measure an appropriate amount of crust for your pizza. It should cover most of your back and be cut in the traditional pizza shape of a triangle. Be sure to leave enough room for the upper crust.

2) Spread on your sauce and sprinkle on some cheese. I find creamy garlic sauce goes best with chicken pizza and marinara goes great with pepperoni or supreme pizzas, but you can use whatever sauce you’d like. Also, don’t forget to poke a hole at the top of your crust to ventilate your pizza.

3) Stuff your crust with crumpled newspapers or Penny Saver advertisements to get a full, tasty looking crust.

4) To the crumpled papers, add in untwisted wire coat hangers to help your crust maintain its shape.
5) Equipped with a large role of Velcro, decide where you will fasten the sides of your pizza together, making sure to leave enough room for your arms to move about.

6) Try your pizza on for size to make sure the coat hangers and fastened sides do not limit your ability to move too much and to familiarize yourself with looking and feeling just like a pizza should.

7) Next is my all-time favorite part of pizza making — determining just what kind of pizza you will be with your toppings! You can use just about any day old toppings you might have in your pantry; these will work just fine. There’s just one rule: be creative. I like to keep a box of fun toppings on hand just for this purpose.

8) Layer on your toppings and there you have it! Your pizza is complete and ready for action! Check out the list below to see what else you can do with your pizza besides wishing you could eat it.

Things To Do With A Slice of Pizza

1) If you know a pizza delivery guy, you’re pretty much set for a night out on the town. You bring the goods, he brings the box and the ride!

2) Use your pizza to make friends. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like pizza? Exactly. Just be wary of drunk people late at night.

3) Brighten up a dull moment when someone invites you out for pizza. Just show up and scream loudly that you are not a cannibal and you will not eat yourself!

4) During the cold season, your pizza can also be used as a warm, cozy and stylish poncho. Keep yours on the back of your desk chair to ward off those cold office drafts.

These are just a few of the splendid things pizza can do for you. Make your own and see how much pizza can do for you!

Last modified: January 10, 2019