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Well Wishes


My mom has increased the frequency of her calls, and I know that it is mostly to check in on Alan. I like hearing her comforting words — “tell him to wear socks when he goes in for his surgery,” “pray to the little Buddha I gave you,” “radiation is easy.” She means well and is supportive and I couldn’t ask for more, but it’s just sometimes her calls catch me off guard, when I am out and about and thinking about whether I should have a cookie or a piece of red velvet cake and not thinking at all about anything so terrible as cancer. One day last week I was completely caught off guard when my mom called, said hi and asked about Alan in less than a minute before handing the phone off to my dad. He asked how Alan was doing, inquired about the treatment plan and then instructed me to send him his best. Well, actually, word for word he said, “Tell him I wish him fine.” (Which I think translates to something better than anything a get well card could ever say).

Last modified: January 10, 2019