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Brunch Club: South Bay Edition


Sometimes, after long bouts of studying, I start dreaming about silly things like sleep. But on good days, on days I am feeling particularly optimistic, I dream about things like winning the lottery. And then (because I am only human) I spend about 20 minutes thinking about what I would do if I did win the lottery (because it’s my dream and hey, it could really happen).

First I would find a poor waitress at a grimy restaurant, one who is a hard-working, devoted single mother. Then I would sit at one of her tables everyday and order the same thing every time — a slice of pie and a cup of coffee, with 2 cubes of sugar and a splash of creamer on the side. I’d be incredibly rude and break down her morale every day and leave her a 25 cent tip for all her trouble. Despite my grumpy behavior, she would be nice to me, every day. Even going so far as to have my pie waiting for me on the table before I arrived. Then, on the day I turned 99, I would die and leave 1/2 of my fortune to her. So then I could be that old lady in the urban legend you hear about, except that the urban legend would no longer be legend, it would be fact.

The second thing I’d do would be to buy an island or a small, private villa in St. Bart’s (if I wanted something more low key). Owning an island has a lot of perks. I can name two right off the top of my head: 1) You wouldn’t have to fight anyone for a place to lay your towel down. You may not ever have had to fight anyone at the beach for this, and just think, if you owned the entire beach, you’d never have to start worrying about it ever. 2) You would have first dibs while shell collecting.

The third thing I would do is go to brunch every day. Because brunch is one of the best meals ever invented, especially when you’re eating brunch as part of Brunch Club: The South Bay Edition!

Bill’s Cafe on The Alameda, San Jose. From right to left, eggs benedict varietal, buckwheat pancakes, vegetarian eggs benedict. And also, Tanu, me and Preethi.

On the left Sandhya is having a scrumptious plate of potatoes, veggies, eggs and sour cream. I’m not sure what exactly it goes by on the menu, but I’m pretty sure it will also respond to the name Bomb Diggity. Next to the bomb diggityness, Srinivas smiles over Bill’s signature bread pudding french toast topped with a fried banana.

Last modified: January 10, 2019