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The Cambolivian Gets a New ‘Do


For some reason, every so often, a subset of my family will get together for a BBQ potluck. It remains to be seen whether we do this for the love of one another or for the love of eating. Sometimes, when we’re feeling particularly altruistic, we’ll do something kind for someone else. Denise might take a few seconds to make Justin a taco, I’ll open a bag of tortilla chips for everyone’s enjoyment or Nathalie might give out some styling tips.

Here she is working some magic on L.B.’s hair with a spot of gel.

Notice how he seems to come to life after his new ‘do? His eyes are open and everything!

Starting to feel more confident, he strikes a pose.

Feeling confident he can recreate his new celeb look at home, he enjoys the spotlight for the 10 seconds before the BBQ comes in.

One day we’ll all grow up and think: Family time, priceless.

Last modified: January 10, 2019