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It Sucked and Then I Blurted Out My Secret Dream


With the exception of that one run in with Bill Maher at a club on the Sunset strip on my 21st birthday, I am generally a very star struck person. But then, I guess it depends on how you define “star.” If I admire someone’s work (in whatever capacity he/she works it), then it’s safe to say that I will become a giggly, nervous bit of mess if I meet him/her. I like to think that I kept it together pretty well when I met Dave Eggers a few years ago — the first time at a painting party at 826LA and the second time at his book reading for What Is The What. (Which, if you are ever bored, happens to be a very fun book to ask for at a bookstore… Here is a true story from my own experience to prove it:
“Excuse me, can I help you find something,” the store clerk asked.
“Why yes,” I said, “I’m looking for a book.”
“And what is the title?” the clerk asked.
“What Is The What,” I said.
“The title?” the clerk repeated.
“What Is The What,” I said again.
“The title? What is the book’s title??” the clerk demanded impatiently.
“What Is The What!” I insisted.)

Tonight, Preethi, Tanu and I all went to Dooce’s book signing for her new book It Sucked and Then I Cried. And as expected, when it was my turn for her to sign my book, I became star struck and just stared at the top of her head as she began signing her title page. When she looked up she said some very articulate words, something like “Hi!” and maybe “Thanks for coming!” And in response I blurted out my secret dream of wanting to be a professional blogger, and for good measure, added that she inspires me. She laughed and said it is a fun job, but hard. When my 5 seconds of talking with her were up, I walked away to find Preethi and Tanu and I’m sure Dooce was thinking to herself, “Mountain View sure brings out the crazies!” It probably didn’t help that I reappeared 5 minutes later to take pictures of everyone with her.

Last modified: January 10, 2019