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Survival Rates


Enjoying the evening heat

Yesterday Alan saw his oncologist and found out that his 5-year survival rate is now up to 87.1% from the 50-70% he was given before starting treatment. Soon he’s going to go through another 6-month round of chemo, stronger doses of different stuff. This will boost his survival rate up another 4% to 91.1%. So now I can officially tell him to stop whining and start hogging attention for myself.

I just hope he handles the new meds as well as his last round of chemo. I remember when he started taking those everyone kept telling me to brace myself for a sluggish, sickly, completely helpless Alan. But actually he barely had any side effects, didn’t lose any hair and didn’t lose his appetite. This new one is called Xeloda. Has anyone ever been on it?

Last modified: January 10, 2019