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The Pastaria, A Birthday Dinner


Tucked away in cozy Los Gatos is a splendid little Italian restaurant called The Pastaria. Calling it little might actually be an overstatement. With its total of 8 tables, it might be more accurate to call it teeny-tiny. In addition to its intimate size, another great thing about it is the elves. I am sure there are some magical elves hidden away in the kitchen because this place makes the most delicious seafood linguine I have ever tasted. This is where I had my birthday dinner.

Thanks, Tanu, for my Miss America bouquet.

I swear this one was all Nathalie’s idea.

Some of the beautiful guests.

Nathalie got me this amazing chocolate cake from Icing on the Cake. It was so good that I wanted to go around collecting the leftover bits and pieces from everyone’s plates to take home for later, but then the 26 in me kicked in and told me to cut it out.

Last modified: January 10, 2019