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Halloween Costume Ideas


Oh Halloween, a night of tricks, treats and dressing up — or in some cases, dressing in nothing at all. Historically, women Halloween goers have been classified into two categories: the kind that dress up as sexy animals/professionals and the kind that dress up as anything else. It’s a common misconception that those who fall into the latter group must wear costumes of a completely unsexy nature, but as a member of this group, I can attest that this is simply not true. Below are some Halloween costume ideas which are not your typical “sexy cat,” “sexy police woman,” or “sexy woman without her regular clothes on.” Take a look — I do believe that even the most regular sexy costume wearers will be surprised at just how sexy a little non-traditional sexy can be.

Chicks are hot. Mama hens are even hotter.
Consider this: pizza often arrives at the party piping hot. Add a little pepperoni or spicy sausage, and you’ve got a slice with a bite!

Superheroes fight crime and keep us safe, but inside they’re still human, just like us. Someone who does great things but whom we can still relate to? Now, that’s sexy.

Although jellyfish are beautiful, enigmatic creatures, often times you can see right through them. No bullshit, just straight up jellyfish guts and heart and all.

While satyrs walk a fine line between being a sexy animal and a non sexy animal costume, the fact that they are mythical creatures that are half goat and traditionally male makes them more of a geeky costume than anything else. And if we learned one thing from Kevin Arnold of The Wonder Years, it’s that geeks are lovable and appealing.

Donning Hawaiian garb is another great costume idea for those who are accustomed to wearing sexy secretary costumes and who are considering transitioning to more subtle Halloween dress. You are at once sexy with your bold floral print and pined for. People often associate Hawaii with vacations, and we all know everyone could use more of those.

Another costume option for those interested in being something more abstract is the “starry night.” In movies, couples are forever going to the drive-in to make out underneath the star studded sky. In effect, starry skies bear witness to entire parking lots filled with teenagers making out — what could be sexier?!

Another plus to the starry sky ensemble — face paint. Face paint* screams fun. It tells people that you are an adventurous, fun-loving person who is not afraid of getting temporarily artistic with the delicate skin area around your eyes.

Finally, if time and resources are limited, you could consider being a fire thrower. The concept is a very straight forward one which can be appreciated, especially if your friends are of the creative variety who often dress up as hard to guess people, places, things or theories. All of that cleverness can become tiresome, leaving you to be the hero of the party, the breath of fresh air, as you simply wield your fire stick about.

*Not to be confused with facial tattoos which look most uncomfortable and which must be quite restrictive in terms of limiting one’s career options.

Last modified: January 10, 2019