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Giving Thanks 2009


Being back at work after a 4 day weekend wouldn’t be so hard if Thanksgiving was actually a restful holiday. But with my family in town from Oregon, things were a bit hectic. Overall, though, it was fun and delicious, so I think we can safely say: mission accomplished.

The night before Thankgiving, Nathalie whipped up a mean red velvet.

Eric mixed martinis and looked suave.
I oversaw the preparation of the mashed potatoes (a.k.a. making sure that Joseph and L.B. peeled the potatoes correctly, Scott grated enough cheese and that Eric made it to the store for the bacon and parmesan cheese).

My parents chowing down after their 11 hour drive!

Grandpa and 1/20 of his grand kids.

Before Nathalie arrived on Thanksgiving, someone had beat her to the punch of assembling her cake… From the look of it, it may very well have been the Cookie Monster, or someone else with big furry hands.

But it was still super moist and delicious.

Sophie and Stan — my parents are big fans of the letter S


Pictionary – boys against girls

Aunt Sisine and Alan

The best part about getting through Thanksgiving is that now it doesn’t feel quite so wrong to be enjoying Christmas trees, lights and decorations now that we’ve all had our fair share of turkey.

Saturday night Sophie and I walked around ogling beautiful things before we took a break to eat some cupcakes. Earlier that day, when we first left the house, I slipped on my shoes and walked outside. She followed me out, and as soon as she did, she stopped and said, “Wow, this is like… summer vacation!” I looked up to see what she was talking about and noticed the clear blue sky and the streaming rays of sun. Ah, she was right. It did almost feel like that. But then I felt the nippy 68 degree chill on my face and wrapped my scarf around me tighter. Meanwhile, Sophie took off her jacket and went back inside to put on some flip flops.

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