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Jennifer & Mike’s Engagement Party


This weekend was my friend Jennifer’s engagement party which was just like a mini wedding. It included traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremonies and a lovely mini garden reception.

There wasn’t an official memo, but we all seemed to have gotten the message to wear yellow.

The flowers got the memo, too.

The flowers all over the house were gorgeous.

Cute, cute swan pastries

The hanging flowers and lights outside were so magical.

Participating in the tea ceremony was fun. Mike and Jennifer served teeny tiny cups of tea to guests two at a time.
Look how coordinated they are!

The beautiful couple.
Congratulations Jennifer and Mike!

Speaking of tea, today Alan made me a cup to ease my sore throat. He was quiet in the kitchen for so long, I got up to go see what the hold up was. And apparently he was planning on inviting the entire neighborhood over for tea:

Last modified: January 10, 2019