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Tacky Sweater Party


Preethi: So I got my ugly sweater for the tacky sweater party tomorrow.
Me: Yeah?
Preethi: Yeah, it’s green and has these reindeer on the front with bells.
Me: Oh, that’s —
Preethi: It’s really bad, my mom said I’d totally win tackiest sweater.
Me (quietly): That’s the sweater I have… But I wasn’t sure if I should wear it because I didn’t think it was that tacky.
Preethi (seriously): It has bells on it, Sobrina.

Today was a holly jolly day in the City which started out with homemade peppermint hot chocolate.

Here is Preethi, a woman who makes homemade whipped cream every time I have ever had whipped cream at her house. I hope someday she adopts me.

Their kitchen smelled like warm butter, sugar and flour. The almond shortbread and tea cookies they made tasted like the most wonderful time of the year.

Tacky sweaters are in high demand this year. Pearl said she went to 8 different stores, including Sears, and could not find anything with a bell, puff paint or sequins.

Preethi and Pearl

Last modified: January 10, 2019