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The Weekend


This weekend Alan started his last cycle of chemotherapy. Per the usual drill, he will be swallowing pills twice a day for the next two weeks. In the meantime, there will be lots of praying that his cancer will disappear completely, so that by March, when he goes in for a check up, everything will look good. This is important that everything look good because he needs to be cancer-free so that they can do one last surgery. And then, after that, everything can go back to normal and we can devote our lives to chasing our dreams with a vengeance, instead of talking about “The Bag.” And this will be a sweet, sweet time in our lives, perhaps we will even give it a new name, The Dream Era we will call it.

This weekend, I also helped Denise throw a pizza party for the Cambodian school at the Tully library and then I helped her pack up her life with Justin from the past three years into neat and tidy boxes so that they could begin a new chapter in their lives in their first house!

When Denise asked me if I could help her with the pizza party, I completely stopped listening after the words “pizza party” because that just happens to be one of my all-time favorite types of parties ever.

Cute kids. Even though the one on the right looks rather upset.

Fact: many Cambodians like eating spicy foods. I didn’t like spicy foods until college. But apparently the affinity for spice is happening younger and younger.

If you squint, underneath the red chili flakes, you can sort of see a slice of cheese pizza.

Denise and Nancy behind the many boxes we packed.
Denise and Justin’s new home!

Last modified: January 10, 2019