Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fuzzy Backgrounds Abound

My very first batch of pictures taken with my fancy new camera! (Okay, it's not really that fancy, but I like to pretend).

Christmas dinner -- seafood hotpot.

Sophie's new dress which looked fabulous on her and which made her feel "like a worker at a store." (I think that is a good thing.)

Waterfalls make such excellent backgrounds.

Mom at Multnomah Falls

These llamas are my family's next door neighbors. I've wanted to photograph them for years -- can you imagine having llamas next door and not wanting to? This wasn't quite the shot I had in mind, but it was so cold outside that this was the best we could do with our fingers half frozen.

When Alan saw them, he exclaimed how ugly they were, but I think they are terribly cute.

On the bit of deck in the backyard, we have a neighborhood cat that comes by and lounges for hours on end, soaking in sun and waiting for snuggles. Alan named her Garfield.

Some families bake sugar cookies on Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa. My parents made bananas and sweet rice wrapped in banana leaves to leave out for me.

Banana leaves

Special baby bananas = super sweet

Made with love

Family <3 (Next year, per goal no. 1 in the previous post, the family Christmas picture will hopefully look warmer and fuzzier than this year's)


Chloe said...

Oh, *great* photos! You have an eye for it- which is the most important part.

I love llamas. My sister has a chihuahua that looks like a llama, we laugh about it all the time. :)

kat said...

These pictures look fantastic! They also make me really want to pet those llamas... are they friendly? :)

Whitney Lee said...

I think the photos are much better than you think.

And llamas are one of those animals that are so ugly they're cute. They do look awfully fluffy!

Little T said...

I love the photos, especially of your family! I learn so much about food from your site. Who knew they made baby bananas? Surely not me! Happy 2010 to you and Alan;-)

Sobrina Tung said...

Thank you for all the compliments! :D

I'm not sure if llamas are friendly actually, but I feel ya on wanting to pet them haha.

Happy new year's to you too!! Here's hoping for a much better year :)

Shaista said...

Happy New Year Sobrina!! Looking forward to your fabulous Nikon shots - but your pictures of food, any food, are always amazing enough to me :) Hope this is a happier, easier year all round x

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