Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

You would think that with the beautiful weather this past Sunday, lovers would be out holding hands and running through fields or something sappy and sweet like that, but it turns out that they were all at the mall. I would know. I was there. Nathalie and I were there together, actually, trying to pick out something nice for our friend Sarah.

Our friendship with Sarah runs way back and it runs deep, the way that most friendships do when you can bond over $1 burritos during lunch and drive in small red cars together listening to Blink-182. All throughout high school, we would plan. We even planned how we were going to ask Sarah's crush to the junior prom. I say "we" because Nathalie and I were written into the script. After catching her crush's attention, we planned to quickly hide behind her and become master ventriloquists. She would pretend to speak, while we, hidden behind her, would take on her voice and make pleasant conversation with him, eventually asking him out for her. He would never be the wiser. We were slick, we were, a well-oiled machine. Funny how in all those years we never really talked about getting married or grown up stuff like that, but here we are 9 years later. And now Sarah is about to tie the knot!

Sarah's Bridal Shower Cake

The future Mrs. Boonsirichai

Nat and adorable baby Gia

Then when I got home later that night, I found this lovey hand-picked bouquet waiting for me on my dresser. (Hand picked flowers! How thoughtful! How cute! How very old school!) I melt at sappy stuff.


Breenuh said...

Aww I love the handpicked bouquet! You're a lucky gal :.)

2busy said...

Beautiful handpicked flowers are the most thoughtful, I think.

PoMo said...

it's so funny how the simplest of things can mean more than 1000 gestures. go team alan!

Sue said...

Dang, Alan's pretty creative! Where'd he get those berry things? It's really cute!

Giovanna Iorio said...

Hi Sobrina and Alan,
happy St. Valentine's Day, few days later.
So, when are you coming to Rome for a romantic dinner to match the beautiful flowers?
I hope Alan is 100% better!

Anonymous said...
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tam pham said...
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