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Happy Birthday, Sophie!


19 years ago, when I was in the second grade, I did a Show and Tell on the new baby sister I was getting. I remember being really proud of the fact, as if I had gone to Toys ‘R’ Us and hand selected her myself — even over the doll that came with its own stroller!

When she came home, I lined up all my dolls and stuffed animals on my bed and set her down next to my favorite teddy bear. With one person who could blink on her own now listening to me, my classroom was finally complete! I pulled out my illustrated books, situated myself in front of my students and began reading aloud in my best teacher’s voice. When she didn’t interrupt or ask annoying questions like the other kids in my second grade class did, I knew it was the beginning of a wondeful friendship. Today, my lovely sister turns 19!

Happy birthday, Sophie!!

Last modified: January 10, 2019