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Danish Town


Despite a really painful 5:30 wake up call Saturday morning, the weekend in Solvang was so much fun. On our drive down, we stopped at the cutest bakery in a teeny tiny town that reminded me of The Gilmore Girls.
The most beautiful presentation of fresh cupcakes.
Solvang is a town of quaint overload. (Almost to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if a few shops were fronts for Sweeney Todd-esque businesses).
The deck of our house rental.
Having fun in the limo
Wine tasting!
My favorite wine of the whole trip was this Koehler Riesling. Mmm…

When everyone was all wine’d out at the end of the tour, I subtly suggested that we all fill our bellies with something tasty. And what could be better than danishes in Danish town?
We ended the trip with Danish pancakes. Their thinness reminded me of crepes but still had the fluffy, buttery taste I love so much about pancakes.
This word pretty much sums up the entire weekend perfectly.

Last modified: January 10, 2019