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Blending In


Anthropologie necklace and silk shirt. Thrited 7 For All Mankind jeans.

My most traveled friend Thai recently told me that he was going to be late meeting me for dinner because he was at the rose garden enjoying the sun. Then he told me that he would be just a minute, he being just down the street sunbathing in the rose garden. Well, I had never seen a rose garden in my neighborhood (although I now faintly remember hearing of people getting married here), so with scenes from The Secret Garden playing out in my head, this week Alan and I went and checked it out. The garden was in full bloom and luckily enough I was dressed quite appropriately.

Holy Clash of the Titans! This collage of blooms has a mighty many colors, but I promise you, all the different colors come together so much better in the actual garden.

Rows and rows of roses. I was jealous of all the space they had. So quiet and perfectly lit. Alan was jealous of the kids who had a motorized toy boat that they were sailing around in the fountain. I know. We’re working on getting our jealousy in check.

Wise words from the sundial.

Last modified: January 10, 2019