Sunday, October 28, 2018

My "Where-Did-You-Get-Those-Pants?" Pants

The other day, I was walking down the street, when someone started following me. The footsteps got closer and closer, the sound of them getting faster and faster until they matched my own. As I tightened the grip on my bag, I braced myself. I would swing my bag at their head. I would kick them. I would run away. The possibilities flew through my head. And then, before I could do any of these things, they were right there in front of me. A little lady in her late sixties. "Excuse me, but I've been following behind you, and I just had to ask, where did you get your pants?" she asked, pulling a pen and pad of paper out from her purse.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised. They were, after all, the pants. The pants that everybody asks about when I wear them to work or to get a cup of coffee. (The little lady on the street was my favorite inquirer :)

High-waisted, wide-legged and cropped, they're the perfect Jesse Kamm knock-offsand at a fifth of the price. And now these high-waist, wide-leg pants are on sale for $40!

Styling suggestions:
  • Pair with a white-tee tucked in or knotted at the front
  • Top with a leather jacket
  • Complete with mule flats or white sneakers
(Top image via Jesse Kamm, bottom image via ShopBop/Amazon)

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