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A Camping We Will Go


I have been camping a total of 2 times in my life. Even though I don’t think I entirely like it, it is an intriguing concept to me, and it always looks fun in the movies. The first time I went was at Yosemite in 2005, and even then my friends told me it wasn’t real camping since the first night we slept in pre-pitched tent cabins. We had been planning on spending our second night camping in our own tents, but then my friend Keith and his then girlfriend got stuck up on the trail overnight on the way back from Half Dome, and so we slept in a close-by hotel to wait for them.

The second time I went camping was a few years later, and Alan broke the news that this was also not to be considered real camping. He called it car camping — the kind of camping where you park your car and pitch your tent next to facilities where you can take hot showers, flush the toilet and buy granola bars from vending machines.

This weekend we are going camping with friends at Lake Amador. You might think that the third time’s a charm, that this time I might get to experience “real” camping, but I read on the website that this campsite even has its own cafe. At this rate, I do expect that the next time I go camping, we will have a full-service butler and a driver to pick us up from our hikes. But until then, I am super excited for this trip to go swimming in the huge lake — it’s going to be in the 90s up there! I hope it will be as awesome as Jacinta‘s dip above — she took this picture while swimming in Cinque Terre. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

Have a happy weekend!

(Photo by bawkbawkbawk)

Last modified: January 10, 2019