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Daycation to Hearst Catle


H&M lace inset cardigan, Victoria’s Secret basic tank, Anthropologie skirt

With two friends spending their summers halfway across the world in Korea, Taiwan and Bali, cousins who just got back from Hawaii, a friend in D.C. and a boss who just got back from Turkey, I am definitely feeling the summer vacation itch. I’m saving for my end of the year trip to Cambodia and Thailand, so unfortunately, I’ll be spending most of my summer at home. But with the three-day weekend, I couldn’t resist hitting the road for a thrifty daycation to Hearst Castle. (Speaking of castles, someone should really bring them back).
I remember going as a kid and thinking that Hearst was a boring old guy who really liked art and tapestries and other things I could care less about as a seven year old. The tour we took this weekend, though, convinced me otherwise. He seemed like he just wanted to have fun all the time. In his castle. How ’bout that?

The Look: I wanted to wear something befitting of a castle visit, so I wore a lace trimmed skirt and cardigan, the most regal-looking things I own. I got this skirt from Anthropologie years and years ago. My favorite part is the back which gathers with a simple tie.

Alan packed our lunches. He had peanut butter and banana, and I requested peanut butter and blueberry jam. I think his trick is to use half a jar of peanut butter per sandwich.
The drive up Highway 1 was so gorgeous. These pictures from the car window don’t do it any justice.

Cute messages left for friends and lovers on the side of a huge sand dune.

The pools were my favorite part of the castle tour! Can’t you imagine having the best pool parties here?

The castle was dripping ornateness. Right down to the 22K gold inlaid on the pool floor.

Last modified: January 10, 2019