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Eat, Drink & Be Married


This week, I received two wedding invitations on the same day. Some people might let this get to their heads thinking about how very popular they are. (Okay, so maybe I am one of those people, but I promise I got over it much faster than most other respectable people would). I love how wedding invites can tell you so much about the person getting married.

The first wedding is my friend Jennifer’s. She is the absolute cutest. Everybody says so. I mean, look at this wedding invitation. Isn’t it just dripping of cuteness? I was really careful in opening the envelope so that I could savor all the details — the font, the zig zag stitch, the colors, the way “Big Day” is highlighted. I just can’t get enough. I also can’t wait to see her dress — I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely stunning.

The second wedding is my friend Stephanie’s. She says she’s a no frills bride, but she’s also a lot of fun. I like how that shines through in this simple invitation with its mini “Welcome to Vegas” sign. I’m already starting to picture the buffets, the go-go dancers, the drinks with the crazy straws…

Last modified: January 10, 2019